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LED Light services offered in East Brunswick, NJ

LED Light

If you struggle with acne, our experts at Integrated Dermatology of NJ offer an innovative solution using LED light therapy to correct skin concerns and meet your cosmetic goals. For clearer skin, schedule an evaluation by calling the office or use the online booking feature today.


What is LED light therapy?

LED light therapy treats fine lines and acne for cosmetic concerns you may encounter. The treatment consists of red and blue LED light, depending on your goals. LED treatment uses light-emitting diode therapy as a noninvasive treatment for damaged or aging tissues.

What can LED light help treat?

The Integrated Dermatology of NJ team offers LED light therapy to address acne-causing bacteria and promotes new collagen and elastin production. 

Am I a candidate for LED light treatment?

The Integrated Dermatology of NJ team discusses your medical history, medications, lifestyle habits, and more to determine if LED light therapy is right for you. They also examine your skin and review your aesthetic goals. LED treatment may not be an option if you take certain medications or have a history of skin cancer or eye diseases.

What happens during LED light therapy?

During LED light treatment, you rest comfortably while your dermatology specialist cleans your face and gives you goggles to protect your eyes. Using a specialized device, they emit painless LED light into your skin or scalp. You may experience a warming sensation during treatment but no discomfort. 

Each LED light treatment typically lasts 20 minutes or longer, depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan. 

What can I expect after treatment?

After treatment, you can return to a regular daily routine immediately, but make sure to protect your skin from the sun. For best results, you generally need a series of in-office treatments and routine maintenance every few months. The Integrated Dermatology of NJ team may combine LED treatment with other dermatology solutions to achieve exceptional results. 

Schedule an LED light evaluation at Integrated Dermatology of NJ by calling the office or using the online booking feature today.